Image by Josh Millgate

“Within you is the light of a thousand suns.”  ― Robert Adams

Lightwarrior Counselling

During these challenging times, we are called upon to courageously illuminate our shadows and commit to the inner work of self-exploration and healing. We are invited to step into our own power to create more joyous and abundant lives.  


If you are struggling with a mental health challenge, guidance is available. It is time for the lightwarrior in you to emerge and take action.


Welcome to Lightwarrior Counselling, an accredited, clinical counselling service customized to the needs of individuals, 13 years of age and up. 


Lightwarrior Counselling offers both virtual and in-person services.

The Lightwarrior

  • seeks and upholds truth 

  • is guided by the aims of freedom and love

  • courageously brings light into the darkness, exposing what is unseen, unknown, disavowed

  • knows what we do for ourselves, we do for the world